ZOO502 Current FinalTerm Paper 18 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

ZOO502 Current FinalTerm Paper 18 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

zoo502 mine ppr

dffrnc bt epinephrine r nonepinphrn


sensory adptation example

-vefeedback with example

5endocrine gland secreted via gastrointestinal track

function of t3 & 4 long

hormone involves in water r ion regulation 


18.2.18 4;30pm

Feedback Mechanism (2)

Acclimization with example (2)

Adrenal cortex hormone (3)

Negative feedback Mechanism example(3)

Parts of eye take part in focusing (3)

Taste buds (5)

Exocrine hormones with example (5)

Prostaglandins function (10)

Easy tha paper MCQS mostly from mid.

Function of prostaglandon (10)

exocrine glad.2 example (5)

define range factionation? ,Importance ,two examples (5)

Brief note on axons (5)

Name at least three endocrine glands produce by anterior of pituitary? (3)

what are photoreceptors? (3)

Briefly describe Hodgkin cycle. (3)

What are chromaffin cells? (2)

At which part of body thermoreceptors are located? (2)

Who firstly coined the term homeostasis? Also define homeostasis? (2)

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