PSY510 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

PSY510 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

Today psy510 paper

1. construct validity......3 marks

2. motor and verbal learning.....3 marks

3. Globalization.....5 marks

4. criticisms of tradional psy.....5 marks

5. job dimensions.....5 marks

6. Topic of rationality in decision making....5 marks

7. behavioral effects of stress... 3 marks

8. Life satisfaction....3 marks

9.Norm violation....3 marks

10. Social cognitive approach of leadership.......5 marks

Mcqs from all over lectures.

Today's my paper of organizational psy(510)

Q1:delphi decision making techniques?

Q2:reward power and referent power?

Q3:give five dimensions of the optimism in the organization?

Q4:one scenario related to coercive power?

Q5:social congnitive approach?

Q6:what is learned helplessnesd?

Q7:what is the meaning of the work in the organization?

Q8:give two dimensions of SWB that gives diener and colleagues?

Q9:give five skills of leadership given by david whetten's and kim cameron's?

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