PSY101 Current FinalTerm Paper 21 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

PSY101 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |


Total 50 question 
40 MCQ's
5 short of 3 marks each
5 long of 5 marks each 

Q41. Enlist the names of 3 eating disorders (3marks)

Q42. According to Magda arnorld's cognitive theory, how many steps are involved in emotions, name them (3 marks) 

Q43. A person is suffering from schizophrenia and has completely lost the connection with reality. Identify other distinct symptoms of disorders . (3 marks

Q44. Enlist atleast 3 techniques of coping with stress. (3 marks)

Q45. What is meant by visual illusions? Explain with example ( 3 marks)

Q46. Less intelligent person are less resistant and more intelligent person is more more resistant to persuasion. Explain 2 types of information processing routes used to interpret messages (5 marks)

Q47. Rehearsal techniques improves the memory capacity. Give two most effective rehearsal techniques and the reasons of there selection (5 marks)

Q48. What is meant by bottom_up processing? ( 5 marks)

Q49. If a graduate students comes to you with a complaint that she is feeling down and is unable to maintain social relationships. You also know that she has the ability of self growth. Being a therapist which therapy will you recommend and why (5marks)

Q50. Discuss steps whixh we use in solving a problem ( 5 marks )

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