PAK301 Current FinalTerm Paper 18 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

PAK301 Current FinalTerm Paper 18 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |
Total Q:52

1: what system pakistan has? 

2: Who created name pakistan?

3:when sir syed ahmed khan born?

4:which country is not member of ECO?

5: who accepted existence of pakistan?

6:what task was assigned to (shahabudeen commission)?

7:when joint electorate was adopted?

8:when did Allama iqbal address at allah abad ?

9:who was second governor general of pakistan?

10:when did Muhammad ali bogra become prime minister ?
(Just these mcqs are in my mind ) 

Subjective Q:

1: Write georagrafic of pakistan

2: Nuclear policy of pakistan

3 land reform in pakistan

4: defination of constitution 

5: note on Alkalis?

6: pakistan;s relationship in any five muslim country?


- Why Simmon commission failed?

- How can we improve enrollment of children in schools?

- How can you explain the diversity of nature in Pakistan territory?

- Statement of Allama Iqbal in Allahabad Address

- On what charges Benazir Bhutto was dismissed

- Points on provincial government under the Constitution of 1962

- Important of Objectives Resolution

- Main features of Bogra formula

- What do you know about the textile industry of Pakistan?

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