FIN621 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

FIN621 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |
Total 36 questions
Mcqs 24 
6 short 3 marks each 
6 long 5 marks each 

Q25. Explain briefly why common shareholders are called routine claimants 3 marks 

Q26. Explain liquidity ratio. Also enlist the important liquidity ratios 3 marks 

Q27. Amounts were given and we have to find the receivable turnover ratio 3 marks 

Q28.Describe the unconditional opinions given by auditor . And what are the circumstances when an auditor gives unconditional opinions 

Q29. Give the 5 features of common stock 5 marks 

Q30. Amounts were given n we have to find Receivable turnover ration 5 marks 

Q31. Statements were given and have to identify whether its operating cash flow, investment or financial activity 5 marks 

Q32. Find the profit margin ratio from 2010_2012 ... data was given 3 marks 

Q33. Find the gross profit margin ratio for years 2010_2012 amounts were given 5 marks 

Q34. What are the marketable securities and what makes the investors to invest in marketable securities . What are the conditions which makes trustworthy marketable securities 5 marks

Q35.How Management makes the window dresses for financial statement 3 marks

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