CS408 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

CS408 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |
mcqs were all from the solved file by Arslan
Imagine you are an interface designer in well known software house. While designing an interface what are the four important points that you take care keenly with respect to alignment of visual elements?
Suppose you are an HCI specialist, what do you think that evaluation of design or product is beneficial? Justify your point of view in five lines.

For a designer of the design/product, there is important information/ issues that have to be identified from stakeholders. Understanding these issues and their impact on design solutions helps you as a designer to better serve your customer.
Being a designer, what are those issues that have impact of design solution so that customer could bitterly serve? Mention the names of at least three & explain any two of them.

You are a professional interviewer working as a research officer in IT based company. Use your intuition to answer whether conducting structured interview is different from semi-structured interview?

You have to design persona based design solutions in a company “ABC”. According to your experience which step in requirement definition serves as primary purpose of eliminating as much designer bias as possible before launching into scenarios, preparing the designers to take on the roles of the primary personas during the scenario process?

How many steps are involved in defining the requirements in Persona-based design? List down those steps.

As we know that Windows usually have various things associated with them that increase their usefulness.
How do scroll bars contribute to enhance the usefulness of the windows?

Suppose you are a system analyst. With your work experience briefly describe when it is useful to observe in context to observation process?

A software house “xyz ltd” develops a new web browser with innovative features. Now the developers of this browser want to know if users find items faster with their product.To findout these points developer wants to perform user testing. Why “xyz ltd” investing in user testing? Give at least three good reasons?

All users do mistakes while doing work on computers. In your point of view which tool allows the user to reverse one or more previous actions if he/she decides to change his/her mind in software user interface?

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