PSY512 Midterm Current Paper 19 Dec 2017

PSY512 Midterm Current Paper 19 Dec 2017

today paper of psy512

1. Three disadvantages of experimental research

2. Write one stereotype which is not acceptable in our country but normal in European society. Discuss with logics.

3. Women depend for basic needs on men or not discuss with logics.

4. What is sexual dimorphism?

5. Salman conducts a research on “Sunni shiah issue “as focus group .this is correct or not gives logics.

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16 mcqs (conceptual )
4 short + 2 long.
1: Adrenogential syndro
me 3 marks
2: Gender identification and explain 3 steps. 3 marks
3: concrete operational stage. 3 marks
4: essential and limitations of survey. 5 marks.
5:Humanistic approach and their development. 5 marks
Short questions
*Fungi ..
*y we need oxygen for breathing?
*what u know abt system?
*3 physical stress factors at job...?
Long questions
*how divorced parents can make their children more adjestable write 5 factors...?
*amina has done bachlors she want to choose profession for her.what 5 similarities she can see between health psychology and public psychology?

Maximilist menimilst
Gender roll identity
Female abnormal sex syndrome
Gentic and environment effects on gender
case study
israli kilbutz
psychoanalytical famanism and freud
gender related
movies role

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