PSY401 Midterm Current Paper 19 Dec 2017

PSY401 Midterm Current Paper 19 Dec 2017

#Psy401 2017 mid exams December
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Short questions
*practice oriented psyD model...
*recent research areas which are seen by clinical psychologist.
*3 research designs applicable in Pakistan
*3 definition of intelligence
Long questions

*y there is need of expertise in categorization of diagnosis.
*integrity of relationship and direction of relationship difference.
Psy 401 my today's paper

Differences between dsm2 and dsm3 3marks
Scope of research in clinical psychology 3marks
Explain 5 fields similar to clinical psychology 5marks
Why expertise is necessary for diagnosis 5marks
What is the next step in assessment after analyzing background and problem of client? 3mark
If a client tells a Psychologist some crucial secrets and Psychologist tells it to her parents than what will be ethical violence in this case? 3marks
Today's paper by @Haniya Khan
*Biological and psycho physiological process in assessment
*effective factors of interview
*role of psychologist in informed consent
5 goal of academic and a psycirtic clinL psy
clinical and statical approce difference
ek case
*difference btwen statistical and clinical approach. .3 symptoms of PTSD.. 3 criteria of abnormal people given by APA.. how clinical Psy differe from other fields..factors which influence clinical interview...

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