CS501 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

CS501 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017
CS501 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

1.      What is the advantage of a linker in the development of assembly language
          Programs?                                                         3 marks      
2.      Differentiate b/w IR and PC                              3 marks

3.      Differentiate b/w whetstone and dhrystone       5 marks

4.      jump (op-code= 20) explain it briefly                5 marks

5.      Data Dependence in Pipelining                          5 marks

1.       Which type of instructions help in changing the flow of the program as and when required? Select correct option: Arithmetic
Data transfer
Floating point

2.       Machine language consists of all the primitive instructions that a computer understands and is able to execute.

3.       We can classify instructions according to the format

4.       A collection of microinstructions is called a
micro program

5.       What is the instruction length of the FALCON-E processor? Select correct option:
8 bits
16 bits
32 bits
64 bits

6.       concurrent statements are separated by
Comma “,”

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