CS304 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

CS304 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

Latest paper.

18 Mcqs From past papers.

1.Difference between shallow copy and deep copy. 3 marks.

2.What is Accessor function.Give Example of c++ Coding. 3 marks.

3.A University of the course is 45 lectures,4 assignment and 1 Quiz and 1 GDB and lecture 1 MDB. Draw an object model..(Simple Association,aggressive and Composition ) 5 Marks.

4.Write a class program to show the "State"
Name-state=//for name state.
Num of cities.= //for the number of Cities
(5 marks)

5.the predence of +,-,* they can be interpret yes Or No..
When +,-,* they interpret from left to right (5 marks)

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