CHE201 Midterm Current Paper 14 Dec 2017

CHE201 Midterm Current Paper 14 Dec 2017
CHE201 Midterm Current Paper 14 Dec 2017

Objective questions:

1) Thermochemistry study ………….chemical properties.

2) Calorimetry is …….. study of change I heat and temperature

3) Charls law of gas at constant pressure …………….absolute temperature

4) Measurment of relative amount of product present In a given time is called……reaction quotient

5) Water is universal solvent due to------? polarity

6) Oxidation of gold is --------? Non spontaneous process

7) Two systems that are each found to be in thermal equilibrium with a third system will be found to be in thermal equilibrium with each other.
………………… law? Zeroth law

8) In calorimetry we study the change in? heat 

9) Freezing point is a …..Property? colligative

10) The magnitude of force that controls the shape of the liquid is called? Surface tension

11) Best example of dipole moment is found in? Water 

12) The amount needed to increase the temperature of one mole of a substance is called? Molar heat capacity 

13) Gibbs free energy is a ……….? state function 

14) Fugacity Measures ………..of a Gas. Non ideality

15) Pv = nRT? Ideal gas equitation.

16) Two thermodynamics systems in equilibrium have same ---------? Temperature

17) If we bring any change at equilibrium the system compensate for change this is called? Le Chatelier's Principle

18) The mass/volume percentage is express the--------? Concentration of a solution

19) The quantitative study of heat changes is called------? Thermochemistry

20) The system in which heat change is positive ? Exothermic
Subjective questions: 

1) What is chemical system? (2)

2) What is Gibbs free energy? (2)

3) Difference between open,closed and isolated system?(3)

4) Applications of equilibrium constant?(3)

5) Why ideal gas equation failure? Also describe corrections? (5) 

6) Describe le chatlier principle in change of temperature ,concentrations and pressure? (5)

Another Paper

1- Define physical chemistry?

2- Define Gibbs free energy?

4- Differentiate open, close and isolated system?

5- Application of equilibrium constant?

6- What is the cause of failure of ideal gas equation? And how it was corrected?

7- Describe Le Chateliter's principle with effect of change in concentration, pressure and temperature?

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