BIO503 Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

BIO503 Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

1- Define membrane fluidity?

2- What is first law of thermodynamics?Give an example of living system?

3- Define thermal equilibrium and importance of zeroth law of thermodynamics?

4- Macroscopic and microscopic approaches of thermodynamics?(5)

5- Define thermodynamics property? Explain intensive and extensive property?(5)

6- Application of biophysics at biological level?

What is biophysics? 2 marks

Third law of thermodynamics? 2 marks

Factors that effects entropy? 3 marks

Thermodynamics properties entensive and exensive in detail?5 marks

Macroscopic and microscopic approches of thermodynamics? 5 marks

Another today paper of Biophysics- BIO503 Mid (9-12-2017)

Total Q 26 (40 marks)

20 MCQs

4 short Q 

1. Define membrane fluidity? (2 marks)

2. What is thermodynamics? Name four laws of thermodynamics? (2 marks)

3. What are factors that change entropy? (3 marks)

4. What is thermal equilibrium? Importance of Zeroth law of thermodynamics? (3 marks)

2 Long Q (5 marks)

1. What is spontaneity. Describe the factors that contribute to spontaneity?

2. What are macroscopic and microscopic approaches of thermodynamics?

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