MGT603 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 August 2017

             MGT603 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 August 2017

Total questions 50

40 MCQ's (all were from lecture 23 - 30)

Q1.What is the significance of WO strategy in the TOWS matrix with 2 examples? (3 marks)

Q2. What is QSPM matrix & its limitations (3 marks)

Q3. Define divisional structure & its limitations (3 marks)

Q4. Grand strategy matrix is made up of different quadrants, name other strategies involved in quadrant 1 (5 marks)

Q5. Points to be followed during product positioning ? (5 marks)

Q6. Significance of SO strategy in TOWS matrix with 3 examples (5 marks)

Q7. Purpose of R&D & its approaches (5 marks)

Q8. ESOPs (Employee stock ownership plans) is a positive way to build powers by employees in               managers (Explain) (5 marks)

Q9. CEO pressurizing his manager to develop a mechanism of strategy evaluation. The manager is            reluctant because they can foresee difficulties in implementing such a system.
       What should u think which type of difficulties the manager will face? (5 marks)

Q10. Evaluation related question (3 marks

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