MGT503 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2017

MGT503 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2017

Q1: Enlist the different dimensions of organizational environment that are considered prior to planning & organizing: (3)

Q2: Briefly discuss how a tall structure is different from flat structure? (3)

Q3: How transactional and transformational leadership approaches are different from each other? (3)

Q4: Why the identification of company’s mission, objectives and strategies are necessary for managers while performing strategic management process? (3)

Q5: Describe the meanings of satisfied and not satisfied / dissatisfied with relevance to equity theory? (3)

Q6: While setting goals managers must understand barriers that can affect the goal setting. What are the major barriers in goal setting and how a manager can overcome these barriers? (5)

Q7: XYZ is a General Manager and he is living a luxurious life in his salary. If we want to motivate him, do you think extrinsic motivators are best for him or intrinsic motivators? Justify (5)

Q8: Employees always do better when they get feedback on how well they are performing toward their goals. Do you agree or not? Support your answer with reasoning (5)

Q9: Why do the managers resist in delegating their work to employees? (5)

Q10: Briefly discuss the concept of communication and various directions of its flow (5)

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