ENG301 Current FinalTerm Paper 17 August 2017

ENG301 Current FinalTerm Paper 17                              August 2017


                                                   (Session 2:30 to 4:30pm)
                                                     Total 52 questions
MCQ's were from handouts

Q1. Name 2 types of sales letter (2 marks)

Q2. Define functional resume (2 marks)

Q3. Define 'pause' in an oral presentation (2 marks)

Q4.Replace the following complex words with simple words:
1. proficiencies 2.erroneos (2 marks)'

Q5.Write a short note on the screening stage of an interview process (3 marks)

Q6. Identify the statements true or false (3 marks)

Q7. Write 3 purposes of collection letter (3 marks)

Q8.Identify the buffer statements from the following (3 marks)

Q9. Write the body of the letter asuring adjustment to the customer for the wrist watch which is water proof on the basis of 6 months gurantee. (5 marks)

Q10.What are the best ways to deal with hostile questions during oral presentation (5 marks)

Q11. Identify the statements true or false (5 marks)

Q12.Name any 5 errors of letter report which should be avoided (no explanation needed) (5 marks)

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