CS508 Current FinalTerm Paper 16 August 2017

CS508 Current FinalTerm Paper 16 August 2017

Consider the following code segment in SNOBOL:

N = 50

What will be the resultant output of the given code segment after execution?

What is the purpose or function of anonymous variable ( _ )in Prolog? Explain with an example.
What is the role of “fixed” keyword in garbage collection?

How many ways can be used to write foreach statement using php.Write syntax in each case.
Write the name of any 3 languages which have pretest logical loop statements.

Explain the concept of immutable declaration in C#? Also explain how C# supports immutability?
Why Ada is considered to be a strongly typed language? Briefly explain.

1. Given below are some real world information about a family.Using these information, write Prolog facts:
John is the parent of Rob and Claire.
Mary is the parent of Rob and Claire.
Mary and Claire are female.
Rob and John are male.
2. Create a rule that describes the "brother and sister" relation.
(Hint: X is the brother of Y if X is male and they share a common parent).
From the given code snippet in C#, find out whether aliasing problem will arise or not? Justify your answer with valid reasons.
object studentcs = new object();
studentcs.id = 123;
object studentbba = studentcs;
studentbba.id = 204;
What are the main issues related with operator overloading?

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