WORKSHOP: Web Engineering using PHP and Laravel

Published On:  Monday, April 3, 2017
Virtual University of Pakistan is organizing 8 weeks workshop on Web Engineering to bridge the gap between academia and industry at Lawrence Road Office (LRO), Lahore.
The objective of the workshop is to equip participants with high in-demand technical skills which will help them in the Job Market. The sessions will be delivered by highly experienced professionals from the industry and will focus on vigorous practical work including hands-on development leading to Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
Course Outline and Schedule

WORKSHOP: Web Engineering using PHP and Laravel

Week NoTopics

Advanced Web Development Introduction

Basic Web Architecture, Web Server, HTML, URI, HTTP, Request Message, Request Methods and Status Codes, HTTP Sessions and Cookies. Static vs. Dynamic Websites Dynamic Content from Databases Developing Dynamic Internet Applications Client-Side Scripting vs. Server-Side Scripting Overview of PHP Advantages and Capabilities. Introduction to PHP and Mysql Programming Environment, XAMPP / LAMP, Using PHP Storm and DBForge
Client Side Development

JavaScript Intro, Variables, Data Types, Functions, Objects, Scope, Events, jQuery Syntax, jQuery Selectors, jQuery Events, jQuery Traversing , jQuery Traversing Ancestors, jQuery Travering Descendant, jQuery Siblings, jQuery filtering

PHP In a Blink

Comment in PHP, Variable, Using loose typed variables , Assigning variables, Array, Variables, Using loose typed variables , Overview of numeric, string and other types , Assigning a variable to itself, Echo/print, Constants, Arithmetic operators , Logical operators , Comparisons, Operator precedence
Numbers in PHP, Making calculations, Concatenating strings, Trimming strings , Removing slashes and other harmful characters, String functions, Control structures in PHP, The If statement, FOR loops, While loops, The Switch



Transferring information between PHP pages , GET and POST, Different form field types , Self-referencing forms , Form handlers, Database fundamentals, Structuring a database, Using tables, Table relationships, Common data types,
Creating a database, Using PHPmyAdmin, Adding a table, Populating a table with types and data, Browsing a table, Database connection.

Introduction, callbacks, Request, Response, Success, Failure, server interaction.

Interfaces, Abstract classes, Encapsulation, Polymorphism.
, MVC Introduction

Sub versioning

Git Installation, Git setup, Get a Git Repository, GIT commit, Cloning.
Dependency Management
PHP Laravel framework 5.3
Into about Framework, Install Laravel, Directory structure Understanding, artisan console.

PHP Laravel framework 5.3

Routing,  MVC Intro, Controller, View, Model, On the scratch build Web app into Laravel,  Request Lifecycle, App Config, DB Config and Environment, CRUD Application.
Start of Blog Web App
Middleware and Validations.
CRUD App to be completed

PHP Laravel framework 5.3

Migrations and seeding
ORM Intro, ORM Eloquent Intro, Relationships and collections etc. , Authentication, Authorization,Middleware, Sessions


Who can apply?
  • Industry professionals
  • Individuals
  • Students from VU or any other institute
Registration Deadline: April 10, 2017
Workshop Starting Date: April 15, 2017
Registration URL:
Classes: Every Saturday (5pm-9pm) & Sunday (11am-3pm)
Total Seats: 25

Registration Fee:
Professionals: PKR 12,000
Students: PKR 12,000 (50% discount for VU students only)

Venue: Virtual University of Pakistan, Lawrence Road Office (LRO), Lahore
For registration details, contact 

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