MGT502 Current FinalTerm Paper 28 Feb 2017

MGT502 Current FinalTerm Paper 28 Feb 2017
MGT502 Current FinalTerm Paper 28 Feb 2017

MGT502 (Organizational behavior) 28/2/2k17 2:00 PM    Total 50 questions

40 mcqs mostly from handouts last lectures 

Q1. How organizational changes cause stress? (3 marks)

Q2. Physical environment of workplace can influence the job and performance of an employee, Discuss (3 marks)

Q3. How the management of an organization can reduce the dysfunction conflicts explain (3 marks?)

Q4. Managers get powers from different sources. Give some general examples of power and its use in workplace (3 marks?)

Q5. What problem a manager has to face when he becomes global? (3 marks)

Q6. Identify & enlist the organizational sources of power (5 marks)

Q7. For the attainment of success performance of the employee must be reviewed continuously, discuss two methods of reviewing performance (5 marks)

Q8. Why is it important for the organization to follow culture? (5 marks)

Q9. If an organization uses routine technology, the more mechanistic it will be , do u agree the organization should use routine technology or no (5 marks)

Q10. A company is having interpersonal and inter-group conflicts, what may be the other possible sources of conflict in this company? (5 marks)

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