CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 Feb 2017

CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 Feb 2017

CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 Feb 2017

today cs601 was easy 
Mcqs saray moaz past papers and other past papers c hy ayai thay 

Q1:an oraganization has implemented a computer network with 10 devices ,which one device is designed as a primary station and other devices are secondary stations.you are required to tell answer the following questions
a)identify the type ofline dicipline which will be used in this scenerio?
b)from primary and secondary stations who will initiate a session ?
c)give the name of mode that will be used whenever primary device needs to send data ?

Q2:-the FDDI is an ANSI and the ITU-T statndard that works on token passing acess method in ring toplogy.You are required to mention types of registers and types of timers used in the process of token passing between stations in a ring toplogy?

Q3:-Consider an extremely noisy channels in whci the value of the signal to noise radio is zro and bandwidth is equal to 3000Hz.What will be the channel capacity according to Shanon capacity formula?provide you answer with full calculation ,correct formula,and correct unit ?

Q4:- Suppose mr ansar wants to develop a computer network in his homeusing any guided media.you are required to give the names of any 3 guided media?

Q5:-give the number of frames that can be sent before ACK is required from the reciever ?

Q6:-voice channels of 480,30,and 120 were given and we were required to find lines

Q7:-core and cladding of 50/125 ?

Q8:-reduntant bit find karny thy 32 data bits ki according to hamming code?

Q9:-write down the data rate segments length and type of signaling of thick ethernet ?

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