CS402 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 Feb 2017

CS402 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 Feb 2017

CS402(27-2-2017)(11 AM PKST)
MCQS 2 or 3 from Moaz File and rest were new. So read handouts carefully.
Subjective and Objective as under.

52. Draw an FA for a language Lc such that L is the language consisting of only two words aba and abb.
51. By using the trace table, show that the following PDA accepts the string aabbb.

50. Write CFG for the regular expression (a+b)*bbb(a+b)*.
49. Develop corresponding Context Free Grammar (CFG) for the regular expression given below:
a (a + b)* b
48. (Available In zip File with Diagram)
47. (Available In zip File with Diagram)
46. Consider the following Context Free Grammar (CFG):
Which of the following words are accepted by the above CFG?
45. (Available In zip File with Diagram)
44. What is the purpose of NAND box in a sequential circuit?
43. Identify null and nullable productions in the following CFG.
S -> ABAB Nullable Production
A -> a | /\ Null Production
B-> b | /\ Null Production
42. What do you know about Ambiguous CFG? Describe briefly.
41. Differentiate between Emptiness and Fitness in the context of Context Free Grammar (CFG).

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