CS610 Midterm Current Paper 18 dec 2016

CS610 Midterm Current Paper 18 dec 2016

CS610 Midterm Current Paper
CS610 Midterm Current Paper

CS610 (18-12-2016)(12:00 PKST)

Objectv mostly from Past papers
Subjective part

1. Suppose you want to add large amount of systems in your WAN to increase its capacity. Which type of switching devices will be used? Also write the names of these switching devices along with difference between them.

2. Which approach of error detection is able to detect more errors as compared to others, considering that there should be no increase in the size of information being transmitted? Explain how it works.
3. During data transmission, what are the possible indications if:

a) A frame is missing SOH on receiver side
b) A frame is missing EOT on receiver side

4. Network manager wants absolute privacy in his organization’s computer networks even using public network .Which technology will be used and how it assures absolute privacy of packets?

5. Suppose an organization wants to implement ATM technology in its network. Which type of connection ATM technology will provide in network? 

 6. Suppose in computer network of a chemical company, each packet is transferred with equal amount of time between systems. Considering this scenario what will be the jitter of the network.

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CS610 Midterm Another current paper 2016
Q: Suppose you are assigned to connect two site offices which are situated for
awy from each other. One office in lahore and other in parise. In your opinion
which one will be the oppropriate solution for this secanrio LAN extension or
WAN? Justify your answer with reasons. 5marks
Q: which are fields of frame delay.
Fragment field
Frame type
Q: tell which delay type is suitable in this scenario? Scenario was given