CS607 Midterm Current Paper 19 dec 2016

CS607 Midterm Current Paper 19 dec 2016

CS607 Midterm Current Paper
 CS607 Midterm Current Paper

Differentiate between Mutation and Crossover used in Genetic Algorithm. 

Differentiate between monotonic and non monotonic reasoning?

Which type of ability is demonstrated by a Mouse while searching through a maze? Briefly explain.

Which type of reasoning is best suited for a statement that "if there is carbon and oxygen then there will be carbon dioxide"? Give a reason to support your answer?

Out of different kind of memories used in an expert system, which memory do you think is best suited for the problem facts that are discovered during a session? Also mention the difference between this memory and the knowledge base.

Apply the Depth first search on the tree shown below in order to find out your goal state, and your goal state is 5.

Note: 1) Just mention the values of ‘Q’ and ‘Visited’ queues/lists at every step.

2) There is no need to draw tree for any step
Hint: The values in ‘Visited’ queue/list at any step will tell you the number of nodes visited up to that step.

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