CS508 midterm current papers by Moaaz 17 december 2016

CS508 midterm current papers by Moaaz 17 december 2016

cs508 midterm current papers
CS508 current paper

Here I am going to share my CS508 paper which was held on 17 december 2016 The questions in cs508 current paper was like: 

 1. Which language had a strong influence on one of the high level system programming language like C? 

2. What is the role of Atoms in LISP? 

3. Which of the languages first provided a structured exception handling mechanism among Ada and C++? 

4. Considering ‘Generalization’ as an important factor that helps to manage complexity of any programming language. Briefly mention how could generality be considered as an important language evaluation criteria? 

 5. Explain the concept of dangling else with an example. And also explain the solution to this problem. 6. Suppose you have to write a program in Ada Language for calculating marks of a student for 3 subjects. The total marks for each subject is as follow: Subject1= 100 Subject2= 200 Subject2= 400 How will you restrict users to not enter values less than 0 and greater than total marks? Also write code snippet for this. 

Note: The use of loops and conditions are not allowed.

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CS508 Midterm Today paper.. 19/12/2016
past sy bilkul b ni thy mcqs..
1-LISP ka function given tha us ka resultant output btana tha.. (i) >(+4(/ 7 3)3.5) (ii) >(+(sqrt 9)6.0)
2-In C++ to java key data structure elimination reason btani thi?
3-Switch case ki snobol mn output btani thi.
4-ALGOL68 influence structure?