CS508 Midterm Current Paper 17 dec 2016 2nd Paper

CS508 Midterm Current Paper 17 dec 2016

Here I am going to share another CS508 paper which was held on 17 december 2016 The questions in CS508 current paper was like: 

1.Why COBOL was encountered at the start with problems? 2 marks.

2.From the following code snippet in Ada execute which statement if "A" contains "12". 2 marks.
Case "A" is
When 1 => fly
When 11| 14 => null;
When 22|20..30=> ;
When others=>complain;
End case;

3.Code given tha us ka output btana tha Lisp mein tha code. 3 marks.

4.In SnoBol4 create a table of unspecified length. 3 marks.

5.In transition C++ in Java what data structures are eliminated.Also give the reasons of elimination of data structure of C++ in Java. 5 marks.

6.In Ada how is different 5 marks.
I) C expression symbolic literals.
II)C++ operator overloading.

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