CS411 Midterm Current Paper 19 dec 2016

CS411 Midterm Current Paper 19 dec 2016

CS411 Midterm Current Paper
CS411 Midterm Current Paper


 Write C# code lines to declare a string property “name” which is read only.

 What is the Key benefit of WPF.

 Write C# code lines to get string input from user and write this string into a file “student.txt”.

 When content overflow occurs in WPF built in panels and what are the methods to deal with it.

 Separate Computer based events and User Based Events from the following list.
o Reading newspaper
o Place an order
o Timer alarm
o Phone rings
o One more option I don’t remember

 If we want to change the default column width or row height in Grid panel then how many ways are there to do that.


CLI stands for ?

 Common language Infrastructure
 Command language Infrastructure
 2 more options

Xaml is readable by ?
 Human
 Computer
 Human and Computer
 None

Which one is the only language in .NET which has an intrinsic understanding of dependency properties?

 C#
 VB
 F#

The design, code, operation of application that use events, either directly or indirectly is called

 Event Based architecture
 Event Driven architecture
 2 more options

The basic goal of WPF is to separate ______ from _____

In Homogeneous event system all the events are ____________

 Not implementing some methods of the interface in the class is
 An Error
 Acceptable
 A warning
 A Exception

 __________Method is used to move the file from one directory to another
 Move
 Export
 Import
 None

Unlike Type Converters however markup extensions are invoked from XAML with
 Bridge assemblies
 Wrapper code
 Explicit and consistent syntax
 None

The default constructor used to create a strings, sets the value to string to
 Empty
 Null
 0
 1

An ____________ is a set of associated events
 Event Consumer
 Event Producer
 Event Channel
 Event Stream

One of the key goals of WPF and XAML is the separation of
 None
 Events from handlers
 Methods for properties
 Design elements from implementation

One question was about the else clause, when else clause if executed in an if statement.

In normal flow of a program a logic occur with
 While
 Loop
 If condition
 Do while

When WPF 3.5 was released
 2006
 2008
 2010
 2012

There were 26 questions but I only remember these questions  best of luck for your exams.

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