Fall 2016_ENG201_1.doc

Business and Technical English (Eng201)

Assignment 1 (Fall-2016)
Total Marks: 20
Lectures: 1-9


·         Upload your assignments in a proper format, i.e. MS word file. Corrupt files will be awarded zero marks.
·         The assignments should be zoomed in at 100%.
·         Please avoid plagiarism; plagiarized work will be marked zero.
·         After the due date, the assignments submitted via email would not be entertained.
·         Please avoid submitting copied assignments; otherwise, such a case would be referred to the discipline committee.

·         The font color should be preferably black and font size 12 Times New Roman.

Q1. You are a fresh graduate with no work experience. Your dream job has just been announced in a newspaper which reads;

You are desperate to apply for this job but you have NO work experience, nevertheless, you have very rare strength i.e. you have graduated from one of the top business universities in Pakistan and the icing on the cake is that you have topped your institute by scoring 3.92/4.00 CGPA. Utilizing your strengths, compose FIVE objectives for your resume. Form your objectives in a way to make you stand prominent among other experienced candidates.
                                                                                                                        (5*2=10 Marks)
­­­­­­­­­­­­Q2. Imagine as a Marketing Manager of Huawei cellular company, you have to deliver a presentation/ talk on the new model introduced in the market. Suggest a possible phrase for each of the given prompts to give an attention getting introduction. 
(5*2=10 Marks)
a.       Greet your audience
b.      Introduce yourself
c.       Give the title of your talk
d.      Explain that the audience can interrupt if they want
Say something about the length of your talk

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