OPBS (Online Prking) Test Phase 1 Viva 11 May

Online Parking Booking System Test Phase 2 Viva 11 May
viva test phase 1 done.... Online parking booking system

Questions were

Q. why you used static function

A. we don't want to use an object while using is so we created it static

Q. Why you don't used validation when user enter first int not less than 2nd

A. han sir wo ni lgaya abi lga deta hn tongue emoticon

Q. what is "Exception" in catch(Exception ex)

A. It is class

Q. elaborate your first for loop

A. It runs from first integer to 2nd integer like 100 to 200 and convert current int to array.

Q. explain your 2nd loop 

A. it runs from 0 to less then array.Length or 1 to array.Length, convert each array element to int and add in sum.

after for loop it divides to array.Length to count average and check number is heavy or not and output and so on 2nd loop bla bla bla bl

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