OPBS (Online Parking) Test Phase 2 Viva 29 June

Online Parking Booking System Test Phase 2 Viva 29 June

 test phase 2 viva online parking questions:

sbsy pehly sara program run krwaya.kuch b ni chora andar sy,A to Z run krwaya,
then pucha k OOP k concepts kaha use kiy hyn,then only OOP sy question puchy.

1st Question:
Differentiate b/w Private and Public?
Private=wo data hota hy,jo sbk liy ni hota,means object my nazar ni ata,
Public=wo data hota hy,jo sbk liy hota,means object my nazar ata hy,

2nd Question:
What is Constructor ???
Constructor is used to initialize the object of a class . Constructor is used to ensure that object is in well defined state at time of creation,

3rd Question:
Constructor overloaded hota hy ya ni?
ni hota,

4th Question:
Overloaded Q ni hota?
because PHP my hi overloaded ni hota,but baki languages my hota hy,

5th Question:
$this->connection is ka kya mtlb hy?
$this-> is connection ko point kr ra hy k ye function,

6th Question:
$this-> is ko hm kya kehty hyn???
Isy pointer kehty hyn
Hmmmmmm Good apka viva ho gya hy

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