Merit Criteria and List of Successful Students (MBA/ MS/ M.Phil. Programs Only) for Award of Laptops under PMNLS Phase -II

Published On:  Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prime Minister’s National Laptop Scheme (Phase – II)
Rules and Basic Merit Criteria for Students enrolled in MBA/ MS/ M.Phil.
of Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan

1.      Only those VU students shall be included/ considered in the merit list who have successfully submitted their applications on HEC’s PMNLS on-line portal and their data has been verified by the respective Departmental Focal Persons of the University.

2.      Students enrolled up to Spring 2015 Semester only shall be eligible for Phase-II of PMNLS scheme. (For details about other batches, please see announcement published on VULMS dated 10thNovember 2015).

3.      Minimum eligibility criteria for including the name in the merit list is based on minimum number of credit hours earned and minimum Quality Points (QPs) achieved by the student as prescribed for each batch and the semester number in the respective table below.
Note:         Minimum Quality Points (QPs) = Minimum no. of Credit Hours Earned x minimum                      CGPA required to qualify for the respective degree program

4.      Merit shall be calculated on the basis of sum of Quality Points (QPs) achieved for total number of credit hours earned by the student in his/her batch and semester number, accordingly i.e. Sum of QPs achieved in the order of merit (highest to lowest) wherein Sum of QPs = CGPA x Sum of Cr. Hrs. Earned.

5.      Laptops shall be awarded to the successful students in the order to merit based on their QPs.

MBA/ MS/ M.Phil. (17.5/ 18 Years of Education)

a)      MSCS Program (2-Year) Only
Semester No.
Batch ID
Credit Hours Earned
Minimum Quality Points (QPs)
(% age)
All candidates who fulfill the minimum prescribed criteria are eligible.
Note: No admissions in 1402.

b)     MSBA/ MBA - Eq. to MS (30 Cr. Hrs.), MS – Bioinformatics & M.Phil. Education (ELM) Program (2-Year) Only
Semester No.
Batch ID
Credit Hours Earned
Minimum Quality Points (QPs)
(% age)
All candidates who fulfill the minimum prescribed criteria are eligible.
MS 1502
MI 1404

c)      MSBA/ MBA - Eq. to MS (37 Cr. Hrs.) Program (1 ½ -Year) Only
Semester No.
Batch ID
Credit Hours Earned
Minimum Quality Points (QPs)
(% age)
All candidates who fulfill the minimum prescribed criteria are eligible.

d)     MBA Program (3 ½ -Year) Only
Semester No.
Batch ID
Credit Hours Earned
Minimum Quality Points (QPs)
(% age)
All candidates who fulfill the minimum prescribed criteria are eligible.

Special Notes:

1.      Students registered with VU as “Disabled” who fulfill the “Semester No.”, “Batch ID” and “Minimum Credit Hours Earned” criteria shall be eligible, for the award of laptop, out of merit of their respective study program.

2.      Those students who have frozen their semester(s) but fulfill the criteria of minimum limit set for “Credit Hours Earned” and “QPs” prescribed according to the “Batch ID” of their respective study program shall be eligible for including in the merit list, in the order of merit.

3.      Those students who have either converted or changed their study program(s) but fulfill the above eligibility criteria set for of respective new study program, according to semester number after conversion shall be considered in the order of merit, accordingly. Credit hour(s) exempted/ transferred shall not be counted towards earned credit hours for the purpose of merit calculation.

4.      Those students who have either dropped-out or withdrawn from the University till 30-06-2015, shall not be eligible for this scheme.

5.      VU employees registered as student in any of the study program shall not be eligible for this scheme.

6.      Students who completed their respective degree requirements and graduated in spring 2015 semester shall be considered eligible.

7.      Students having “Overseas” status i.e. “OPKST” as on 30-06-2015 shall not be eligible for this scheme.

8.      Credit hours earned for “Deficiency Course(s)” shall not be counted towards “Minimum Credit Hours Earned”.

9.      In a case of tie between two or more students on merit, then the matter will be resolved on the basis of age, wherein preference shall be given to the younger student.


Full Name
VU Registration No.
Aamir JalilDepartment of Education015-VU-006137
Abbas AliDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-011896
ABD UR REHMANDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-012218
abdul ahadDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-005916
ABDUL BASITDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012333
abdul ghaffarDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002209
Abdul HafeezDepartment of Education015-VU-005896
Abdul Hye MasoomDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012038
Abdul KarimDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-012001
Abdul Khaliq Khan ShinwariDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-000383
ABDUL MANANDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-011001
Abdul Rasheed RizwanDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-003032
Abdul RaufDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-006824
Abdul RaufDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-004047
Abdul Rehman QureshiDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-013341
Abid HussainDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-003164
Abid LatifDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-009838
ABU BAKAR BIN RIZWANDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-015207
Abubakar SiddiqueDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-001258
Adeel HamidDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-003115
adeel hassanDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012858
ADNAN AHMED KHANDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012642
Adnan MumtazDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002357
AFSAR ZAMANDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012173
Aftab AlamDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008834
AHMED MANZOORDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-006005
Ahsan UllahDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-000247
Aisha SultanaDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012626
AKHTAR RASUL ANWARDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-017081
ALI AFZALDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-003034
Ali Nasir MuhammadDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-009047
Ali ZebDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-000760
Amanat AliDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012080
Amber HaseebDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-014621
Ameer AhmadDepartment of Education015-VU-004529
Amir BakhshDepartment of Education015-VU-005365
Amjad Ali MohalDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-008722
Amjad FazilDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002600
amna ghazanfarDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001643
Amna GulDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004112
Amna ShauketDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-000330
Anam FarooqDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-007949
Anam ManzoorDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-022944
Anam SeemabDepartment of Management Sciences011-VU-004023
Anashia SultanaDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012288
Anayat HussainDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-003150
Aneeza SehrishDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-015183
ansar mahmoodDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-010982
AQSADepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-004629
Arif HusenDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-002194
ARIZ FARMANDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-013342
Asfat ul MastoorDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012291
Asia KanwalDepartment of Education015-VU-004105
Asia ParveenDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-015068
Asif khanDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-003164
ASIF SAMMADepartment of Management Sciences005-VU-000155
asim anwarDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-001646
ASIMA KANWALDepartment of Education015-VU-004530
Asma NoureenDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012023
Asma ShafiqDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011924
Asra TahirDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-002678
Asrar IqbalDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-013002
Atif Ali JavedDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-000846
Atif HamidDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-000097
Atif IrshadDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002790
Aurangzeb KhanDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-003519
Awais Afzal SindhuDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002345
Ayesha Ghulam MuhammadDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012349
Ayesha RehmanDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-013299
Ayesha RiffatDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001996
Aysha SaeedDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001995
AZHAR HUSSAINDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-010382
Azhar IqbalDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008814
Basharat QadeerDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-021648
Danish Bilal AnsariDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-014758
Ehsa Ullah ShahDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011955
Ehsan ul HaqDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012998
Ehsan UllahDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-002011
Fahad SaleemDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003657
Faheem AhamdDepartment of Education015-VU-003250
Faheem AkhtarDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003844
Faiqa ShaheenDepartment of Education015-VU-003238
Faisal AminDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-008660
Faiza AnwerDepartment of Computer Science & IT006-VU-003361
FAIZA ZULFIQARDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004502
Fakhar Un NisaDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004088
farakh sarfrazDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-004246
Fareeha batoolDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012446
Fareeha ShafqatDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012034
Fareha Mohi Ud DinDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008977
Farhat ShafiqueDepartment of Computer Science & IT013-VU-008925
Fatima MehakDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-009717
Fawad Ahmad KhalidDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-013732
Fayyaz MasoodDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012564
Fiaz QadirDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012347
Firdous AnjumDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012324
FIZA ASGHARDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-001134
Fomia IrumDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-005817
FOZIA NAZDepartment of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology014-VU-012075
Ghazanfar AbbasDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002852
Ghazanfar AliDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-002178
Ghazanfar AliDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002403
Ghazanfar Ali ShahDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012404
Ghulam MadniDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-023154
Ghulam MustafaDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-013679
GHULAM MUSTAFA TABASSUMDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012346
Ghulam ShabirDepartment of Education015-VU-005359
Gul Nargis ShaheenDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-012648
gulab aliDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012629
Gulshan FarooqDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-015503
GULSHAN FATIMADepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-019766
GulzamanDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002682
Hadia IramDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-004570
Hafiz Ateeq-Ur-RehmanDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008970
Hafiz Azhar QayyumDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-007509
Hafiz Muhammad Kamran SajidDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-006142
Hafiz Muhammad NaeemDepartment of Computer Science & IT 008-VU-011157
Hafiz Muhammad Umar HayatDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-008611
Hafiz Qaisar FarooqDepartment of Management Sciences007-VU-007643
Haider RazaDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-005324
Haras SaeedDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012304
Haroon TabrazeDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011887
Hasan Akhtar UsmaniDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011934
HASNAIN ALIDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-005258
Hayat Ullah KhanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012100
HINA HASANDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012422
HIRA AJMALDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-002119
Hira NoreenDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-009007
HIRA TAHIRDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-003364
Huma AhmadDepartment of Management Sciences  013-VU-002526
Huma AmreenDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011885
Huma NawazDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-000168
Huma RanaDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-009374
huma siddiqueDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-001945
HYDER ALIDepartment of Education015-VU-003233
Ibtisam RaufDepartment of Computer Science & IT013-VU-008947
IHSANDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-018205
Ilyas Ali KhanDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-005249
Imran KhanDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004113
IMRAN ULLAHDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-005915
imtiaz bibiDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-013940
IMTIAZ HUSSAINDepartment of Education009-VU-015861
IRAM JAVEEDDepartment of Education015-VU-003235
Iram RiazDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-011893
Irfan AliDepartment of Education012-VU-008393
ISHFAQ AHMADDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-005090
ISRAR AHMADDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-002251
israr qaiserDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-001702
Jamshaid RasoolDepartment of Education015-VU-006123
Javaid KhanDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004747
JAVED AHMAD SHAHEENDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012232
Javed MunirDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011766
JAVID IQBALDepartment of Education015-VU-003261
JuwairiaDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012588
kabir ahmadDepartment of Education015-VU-003492
KamranDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011935
Kanwar Irfan AhmedDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-000626
Kashif ur RehmanDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-007603
Kausar PerveenDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-016698
Khadija Tul KubraDepartment of Education015-VU-002272
Khalid MahmoodDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-000956
KHALID NAZIRDepartment of Education009-VU-018719
Khalid PervezDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-020165
Khalida PerveenDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-010740
KHALIL AHMADDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-010279
Khaliq PervezDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011909
Khawar WaseemDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-004960
Khizar HayatDepartment of Management Sciences006-VU-002691
Khush Dil KhanDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-007654
Khushnood RafiqDepartment of Management Sciences 012-VU-012873
Khwaja NaveedDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-003643
Komal HafeezDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012990
Komal SulemanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011952
lubna yaqoobDepartment of Computer Science & IT002-VU-002123
Maaz ArshadDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-002668
MADIHA AKHTERDepartment of Computer Science & IT 013-VU-002205
Madiha GhaffarDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-005076
Mahboob HassanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012477
Mahrukh AltafDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011903
Mahtab ZahraDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-017992
Maleeha MughalDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-012573
malik mudassar bashirDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012272
MAMOONA ARSHADDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012039
MANSOOR AHMEDDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-011580
MANSOOR KHALIDDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-003575
Maria FatinDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-016320
MARIA HAMEEDDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012335
Maryam aliDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012022
Maryam Dilawar HussainDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-006271
Mehreen ArshadDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-020403
Mehreen KhanDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-002962
Mehwish JavaidDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002208
Mehwish ShaukatDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-012369
Memoona IlyasDepartment of Management Sciences005-VU-000641
Mian Fazal-E-SubhanDepartment of Education015-VU-004756
moazma ashiqDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-011558
Mohammad Aslam PervazeDepartment of Education015-VU-004545
MOHSIN AFTABDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-vu-003174
Mohsin Ali KhanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012239
Muddssar HussainDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002693
Muhammad Aamir NadeemDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-002675
Muhammad AbbasDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012413
Muhammad AbbasDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001078
Muhammad AbdullahDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-017964
Muhammad Abdullah AwaisDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002365
Muhammad Abubakar SiddiqueDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-013859
MUHAMMAD ADIL EJAZDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-002604
muhammad adnan saghirDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002689
MUHAMMAD AJMAL KHANDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012032
Muhammad AkramDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011768
MUHAMMAD ALIDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004077
Muhammad Ali FarooqDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004191
Muhammad Ali ShakirDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012839
Muhammad Altaf RaufDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-008572
Muhammad Amin AhmadDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-011005
Muhammad AnsarDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-006317
MUHAMMAD ANWARDepartment of Education015-VU-002355
Muhammad AqeelDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-024021
Muhammad AqeelDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-007685
MUHAMMAD ARIFDepartment of Education015-VU-005366
MUHAMMAD ARIFDepartment of Education015-VU-006124
Muhammad ArshadDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-017569
Muhammad Asad KhanDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002673
Muhammad Asghar MughalDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-010781
Muhammad AshfaqDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-001140
Muhammad AshrafDepartment of Education015-VU-001198
Muhammad AsifDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-007422
Muhammad AsifDepartment of Management Sciences011-VU-007714
Muhammad Asif MansoorDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-001504
MUHAMMAD ATIF ASLAM SIDDIQUIDepartment of Management Sciences006-VU-001313
MUHAMMAD AWAIS KHURRAMDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001413
MUHAMMAD AZAM TABASSUMDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012033
Muhammad AzeemDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-007673
Muhammad BashirDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012421
Muhammad Bilal YousafDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012042
MUHAMMAD FAYAZ KHANDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-010708
Muhammad Hammad Mehmood AlviDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001710
Muhammad Hassan HashmiDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-011148
Muhammad Hassan NaeemDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-021870
MUHAMMAD HUSNAINDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012604
Muhammad IjazDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-006627
Muhammad ImranDepartment of Management Sciences 014-VU-002978
Muhammad ImranDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-005717
Muhammad ImranDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-000387
Muhammad ImranDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-012867
Muhammad ImranDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012829
Muhammad ImranDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-013106
Muhammad Imran JavedDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-019808
Muhammad Iqbal KhattakDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-008186
Muhammad IshaqDepartment of Education015-VU-003241
Muhammad Junaid FarooqDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002550
Muhammad KashifDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-004860
Muhammad Kashif KhanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011938
Muhammad KhanDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-000669
Muhammad Khurram SadiqDepartment of Management Sciences006-VU-003625
Muhammad Khurram ShehzadDepartment of Management Sciences 014-VU-001673
Muhammad Khurram ShehzadDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008975
MUHAMMAD MAASOOM NAYYARDepartment of Education015-VU-003239
Muhammad MaqsoodDepartment of Education009-VU-012358
Muhammad Modassar AhmedDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-005503
Muhammad Muddasar KhurshiedDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-011947
Muhammad MujahidDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-010882
Muhammad Mujtaba SyedDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-008667
muhammad nomanDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-006242
Muhammad NoumanDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-022229
Muhammad Qayyum KhanDepartment of Education015-VU-004537
MUHAMMAD RIZWANDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011940
Muhammad Sadaqat AliDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-015066
MUHAMMAD SADIQ BASHIRDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012584
Muhammad SajidDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012540
MUHAMMAD SAJID MAQBOOLDepartment of Education015-VU-003246
Muhammad SajjadDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012436
Muhammad SajjadDepartment of Education015-VU-001117
MUHAMMAD SALEEMDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003856
Muhammad ShafiqueDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012832
Muhammad Shafique KhanDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-016641
Muhammad ShahbazDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012427
Muhammad ShahzadDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-000987
Muhammad Shaukat KhanDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012368
Muhammad TahirDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-006817
Muhammad TahirDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012641
Muhammad Tausif MumtazDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012024
Muhammad UmairDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-003773
Muhammad UmairDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-002533
Muhammad UmairDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002170
Muhammad UsmanDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-003763
Muhammad UsmanDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-009683
Muhammad UsmanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012305
Muhammad Usman GhaniDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-016265
Muhammad Usman SadiqDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-005072
Muhammad Waqar AzizDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-010058
Muhammad Waqas AkramDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-010228
MUHAMMAD WAQAS KAMALDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-003612
Muhammad YaseenDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-010404
Muhammad YasirDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012861
MUHAMMAD YOUSAFDepartment of Education015-VU-006105
Muhammad zeshanDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003268
Muhammad Zil Hasnain AkhtarDepartment of Education015-VU-003240
Muhammad ZubairDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-004694
Muhammad ZulkarnainDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-001126
Muhammad ZulqarnainDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-004994
Muhammad ZulqarnainDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011911
Muhammed Usman AfzalDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-004572
Munazza BatoolDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002168
Munazza Mah JabeenDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012425
Murtaza AliDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008051
nabila farrukhDepartment of Education015-VU-004107
Nabila RehmanDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-012555
Nadeem TariqDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012003
Nadia AmbreenDepartment of Computer Science & IT013-VU-012843
Nadia AmbreenDepartment of Computer Science & IT013-VU-012843
Nadia GhaffarDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-013017
nadia shaukatDepartment of Education015-VU-001993
Nahan IqbalDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004518
NailaDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-001391
Najwa TanvirDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-008596
Naseeb ZadaDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-010185
naseer ali shahDepartment of Education015-VU-004548
Nasir MehmoodDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-006144
Nasreen MalikDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002352
Nauman Bin RehanDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012845
Nauman SarfarazDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-011952
NAVEED ASGHARDepartment of Education015-VU-002981
NAVEED HUSSIANDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-002442
Navid AslamDepartment of Management Sciences  015-VU-005680
Nazia  NaheedDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012490
Nazik HussainDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011944
Nazish IrfanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012172
NAZISH NAZIRDepartment of Education015-VU-002258
Nazish QamarDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-000959
Nazma AftabDepartment of Education015-VU-005976
Nazneen TabasumDepartment of Education015-VU-003252
Nehdiya IftikharDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011936
Nida AsgharDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-002488
Nimra HussainDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-006697
Nisar AhmadDepartment of Computer Science & IT006-VU-001415
Noor Ul SabahDepartment of Education015-VU-003473
Nudia KhaliqDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012005
QINTAR AHMADDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011912
Qurat ul AinDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012028
Rabia AshrafDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-001911
Rabia AslamDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-005447
Rabia RaufDepartment of Computer Science & IT  014-VU-013164
Rabia TehseenDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-007585
Raees AhmadDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002358
Rafia KhanDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008232
Rahila YousafDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-021968
Raja Adnan TanveerDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-004245
Rameez Ahmed MemonDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002041
RANA ARSLAN KHANDepartment of Management Sciences  015-VU-001802
Rana Muhammad AsifDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011927
Rashda JavaidDepartment of Education015-VU-005759
Rehan QaisirDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012009
REHANA KAUSARDepartment of Education015-VU-002985
Rizwan MushtaqDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-016674
ROHA MEHMOODDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-001083
Rukhsana MunirDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-016155
SAAD BILALDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012161
Saad HaneefDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-009768
Saad ur Rehman QureshiDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-003351
Saba KhanDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-011590
saba niazDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-003054
saba yaqubDepartment of Education015-vu-003485
Saba ZulkifalDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-015538
sabeeka akramDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002697
Sadaf SheerenDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012332
Sadaf ZaheerDepartment of Education015-VU-003893
SADAQAT ALIDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012035
Sadia ArshadDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-002717
SADIA IQBALDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-018564
SADIA JABBARDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-015282
Sadia RehmanDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-014368
sadia shahbazDepartment of Education015-VU-001994
sadia yunas buttDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-001954
SAHRISHDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001732
Sahrish BaqirDepartment of Education015-VU-004103
Saif ur RehmanDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-001915
SaifullahDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-003797
Saima RehmanDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-017399
Saira AkhtarDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-012322
SAJID HANIFDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-013340
SAJID MAHBOOB ALAMDepartment of Education007-VU-009146
Sajid Mehmood AwanDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-016153
SakinaDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-004621
Salma NazDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003851
Salman Hasan KhanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-005682
samina asghjarDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-vu-012037
Samina KhaliqDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-011882
Samina ShafqatDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-004958
Samreen KanwalDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-004100
Sana KareemDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-008427
SANA RUBABDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-003417
Saqib AliDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003277
Sara RiazDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012391
SARA SIALDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-007239
SARDAR KHANDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-013321
Sarfraz AhmedDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003279
SARFRAZ WAZEERDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002367
Sehrish AltafDepartment of Management Sciences011-VU-002205
SHABANA KOUSARDepartment of Computer Science & IT 015-VU-003515
Shabir Ahmad ShahzadDepartment of Education015-VU-006126
Shafaq NisarDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-011798
Shafia ZaibDepartment of Education014-VU-001453
Shafiq Shafqat MehmoodDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-007188
SHAGUFTA EJAZDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-000036
Shagufta ShaheenDepartment of Education015-VU-005363
Shagufta ShaheenDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-005411
Shah HussainDepartment of Computer Science & IT004-VU-000748
Shahar YarDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-000719
shahid mahmoodDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-007265
SHAHID MUNIRDepartment of Computer Science & IT012-VU-015793
SHAHIDA AKHTARDepartment of Education015-VU-002569
Shahla ParveenDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-010638
Shahzad AhmadDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012010
Shahzad SadiqDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-000291
Shakeel AkhtarDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-020813
Shamis u nisaDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-013025
Shamyla Azeem KahloonDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-014641
Shan Muhammad SarwarDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-000361
Shazia EmanDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002169
Shazia RafiqueDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-005505
shehneela kiranDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-001137
SHEIKH ADEEL IFTIKHARDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-008444
Sheikh Muhammad ImranDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001417
Shoaib AkhtarDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-016018
Shoaib-Ul-IslamDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-000718
Shumaila SiddiqueDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-007559
Shumaila YasmeenDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003857
Sidra Habib ButtDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011919
sidra shafiqDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002548
sidrah ejazDepartment of Education015-vu-005521
Sobia SadafDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-011225
sobia saharDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-009994
sohail AhmadDepartment of Education015-VU-004549
Soohail AhmadDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-017755
Suleman SikanderDepartment of Management Sciences  010-VU-003937
SumairaDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002971
SUMAIRA JABEENDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008487
Sumera ShaikhDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-002398
Summaiya OrakzaiDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012343
Syed Aamir BukhariDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-013087
Syed Ahsan Raza KazmiDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-007520
Syed Ahzam AliDepartment of Management Sciences014-vu-011788
SYED ALI ASGHARDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-007404
SYED ALI HAIDERDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-000720
SYED MOHSIN AHMAD BUKHARIDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-012842
Syed Muhammad AliDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012731
SYED RAHMANDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-006741
SYED SALMAN NAZIRDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-022057
Syed Samar AbbasDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-000426
Syed Saqib AhmedDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-014690
SYEDA ANAM KABIRDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-005840
TABASSUM JAVEDDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012016
tabish javedDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012036
Tahir KhanDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011933
Tahir MehmoodDepartment of Education015-VU-000524
Tahir SaeedDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-003807
tahira ashrafDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-009854
Tahira ParveenDepartment of Education015-VU-004109
TALAL HAIDERDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002024
TALAT ABBASDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012262
Tariq RiazDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003280
TARIQ SAEEDDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011765
TASSAWAR ABBASDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-011917
Tasweer Hussain ShahDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-003907
TAYYAB ANWARDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012011
TEHMINA SADIADepartment of Education015-VU-004753
Tenzeela ShouketDepartment of Management Sciences  013-VU-008786
Touseef Ahmad KhanDepartment of Computer Science & IT007-VU-010333
TYIBA GULDepartment of Management Sciences008-VU-008344
Ubaid MustafaDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004522
Umair Ahmad QureshiDepartment of Computer Science & IT008-VU-017781
Umair NaeemDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-015388
Umair PervezDepartment of Management Sciences007-VU-001507
Umais AnwerDepartment of Management Sciences006-VU-000914
Urooj HaroonDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-009088
UROOJ USMANDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-016648
Usman arifDepartment of Management Sciences009-VU-008109
Usman GhousDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-003769
Uzma AsiaDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012062
UZMA FAIZDepartment of Education015-VU-003487
Uzma NazDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-004624
Waheed Ul IslamDepartment of Computer Science & IT009-VU-007086
Waqar Ahmad KhanDepartment of Education015-VU-002979
WAQAR AHMEDDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-004667
Waqar HaiderDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-001807
Waqar HussainDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004111
Waqar WaheedDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-008202
Waqas AliDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-013003
WAQAS BASHIRDepartment of Management Sciences013-VU-008081
Waseem AkhtarDepartment of Management Sciences011-VU-004490
WASEEM HAIDERDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012083
WASEEM NAWAZDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012040
WASEEM RAJADepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012590
zahid hussainDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012457
Zahid NawazDepartment of Computer Science & IT011-VU-011712
zahida akbarDepartment of Computer Science & IT010-VU-002570
zahida akbarDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-000972
ZAIN ALIDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004749
ZAINAB ABBASDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-003456
Zawar HussainDepartment of Computer Science & IT014-VU-012056
Zeeshan AdeelDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-002217
ZEESHAN TANWEERDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-004957
ZEHRA KHANDepartment of Management Sciences012-VU-009566
Zohaib AliDepartment of Management Sciences014-VU-012487
Zohra MujahidDepartment of Management Sciences010-VU-009545
Zubaid Ur Rehman ArabiDepartment of Management Sciences015-VU-004523
zubair ismailDepartment of Computer Science & IT015-VU-002035
Zulfiqar Ahmad ZakkiDepartment of Computer Science & IT013-VU-005279
Zulfiqar Ali ParachaDepartment of Management Sciences

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