(GUA) Pre Skype Viva 10 Aug

Graphical password or Graphical user authentication (GUA) Pre Skype Viva 10 Aug

Me: Asalam-o-Alaikum
Maam: W/Salam, Plz run your code.

Me: Ru my application.
Maam: Show me you registration form Code.

Me: Open my Reg Form Source Code.
Maam: Explain it from the first line of Class.
1) This is RegForm class which is inherited from Form Class if Windows namespace.
2) Below is the constructir of this class, and I have also created my own constructors for it.

Maam: Why you need you own Constructor.
Me: Because the default constructor does not meet my need, i need to pass some arguments to my class at the time of initialization. that's why I need to create my own Constructor.

Maam: What is Parameter List?
Me: The parameters we passed to any function inside parenthesis () is called parameter list.
Maam: I have seen this project many time with different students.

Me: Actually I developed it by my own efforts, for the sake of Students, I was recorded screen videos and shared it on FB, many Students followed my videos and they developed their own.

Maam: I can Mark you as ZERO by doing this, why you have shared your code.
Me: Sorry Maam, i never shared my own code, I only shared the videos of steps by step development of my Project.

Maam: If you want to help students, you should verbally tell them. anyway I will mark you Clear, you are Cleared your Viva.

Me: Jazakallah Maam, Allah aapko khush rakhen, Ameen.
Maam: Ameen and Allah Hafiz

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