STA630 Current FinalTerm Paper 23 August 2016

STA630 Current FinalTerm Paper 23 August 2016

1.A researcher wants to examine the reasons of unstable and aggressive behavior of children. He is intended to take interview of parents (mother & father) in their own home, what will be the:
• Purpose of study
• The study setting 
• The unit of analysis 

2. Kamran is conducting a research on women empowerment in Pakistan he is intended to collect data from women working in cooperate sector. He has selected 700 females from different organizations working in textile, identify the following.
• Population
• Target population
• Sampling

3.A researcher student is not clear about doubt-blind experiment help him to i=understand the double-blind experiment with the help of an example?

4.A researcher wants to explore whether personal and work life of women entrepreneurs is balanced or not since he knows very little about the varieties of problem, which method of qualitative research he should apply to gain in-depth knowledge?

5.A researcher collects data from different banks in order to investigate the impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions does the researcher use field experiment, lab experiment or ex post facto design for this study, justify your choice?

6.Researcher has asked following question from these respondents through questionnaire on five point scale from strongly disagree. (1) To strongly agree (5) I am satisfies with the salary as well as working environment of my organization, identify the mistake in this statement, and discuss how mistake can be rectified?

7.Is it possible to establish cause and affect relationship in true sense by using one shot study design?

8.A nice closing of focus group discussion is very important? Explain few tips for successfully focus group discussion?

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