MTH100 Current FinalTerm Paper 26 August 2016

MTH100 Current FinalTerm Paper 26 August 2016

Total questions are 54
Short of 3 marks are 9
Long of 5 marks are 2
Arthimatic mean

1. Sequence and series

2. Find standard deviation

3. What is the domain and range of y = arcsin x and arccosx?

4. Define the Pythagorean Identities.

5. Expand the sum and difference formula
Sin (A+B) and Sin (A-B)

6. If first and forth term of arithmetic progression is the first two terms of a geometric progression then find the common ratio of geometric progression. 

7. Take first term of arithmetic progression as 'a' and d = 4/3a. 

8. Average sale and standard deviation for a store are 25 and 8.5 respectively .Find coefficient of variation. 

9. Combination and probability

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