MGT503 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 August 2016

MGT503 Current FinalTerm Paper 25 August 2016

Total 55 questions , 46Mcq’s from handouts 

Q1. Define “Budgeting” included in techniques for allocation of resources (3 marks)

Q2. Why do firms select departmentalization gives reasons? (5marks)

Q3. What are the characteristics of a charismatic leader must have? ( 5marks)

Q4. As presented in Maslow’s need theory, china is having different needs as compared to Pakistan. Give yours views keeping in view these countries. (5 marks)

Q5. Discuss the stages of forming a work group. (5marks)

Q6. Discuss the communication channels organizations adopt to communicate. (3 marks)

Q7. Define BCG matrix and its role and also tell the characteristics & definitions of its four categorize (5marks)

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