ENG201 Current FinalTerm Paper 21 August 2016

ENG201 Current FinalTerm Paper 21 August 2016

1. What is disability bias?
2. True false
I. HTML is abbreviation of Hypertext Markup language.
II. HIV abbreviation of Human Immunity Virus.
3. In---------- technique of paragraph writing, the write associates similar things or processes by grouping then into classe.
4. ------is an alphabetic list of special terms and words with their meaning and definations. (glossary/index).
5. Visual aids are used to ------the text of any report.(illustrates/assess)
6. How can visual aids be helpful in oral presentation?
7. Write a note on the ‘opening’of a document?
8. How should one handle the question answer session after presentation?
9. Fill in the blanks in following statements.(written, electronic, oral)
10. -----medium is best when your message is relatively simple.
11. –medium is best when your message is detailed and complex.
12. ----medium is best when you don’t need a permanent record, but want to overcome time zone barriers.
13. Choose words that (will, won’t) be misinterpreted.
14. Be sure you(do, don’t) distort the truth.
15. Adopt the (you, I) attitude by showing your honest concern for audience needs and interest.
16. Write a short note on flow chart.
17. Differentiate between simple and compound sentences? Give example to support your answer.

Another Paper :

eng201 Subjective part 

1) Define the term group norms, Analogy, pictographs.
2) Write 3 Importance of visual aids and its type.
3) Define and explain Superstructure of feasibility report.
4) Explain interview structure, superfluous commas, Hyphens.
5) How can we correct dangling error and nominalization 
6) True and false (I got 2 questions related to this) and fill in the blanks.
7) 3 strategies for writing proposals.
8) Define letter of recommendation. 
9) Organizational charts, narration.
10) Define Direct Open- ended questions and give its example. 
11) How can writer accomplish transition in his writing? 
12) How a productive meeting can be contributed. 
And objectives were mostly grammatical consisting of errors, commas, replacing words, synonyms, I got only 2 objectives from past papers, so I recommend you all to read your complete English handouts from 1-45. 

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