CS614 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS614 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

Question # (01): (2 Marks)
With respect to Data retrieval, queries can be categorized in three sets,one is “Full Table Scan” queries (i-e the queries that scan the complete table ) Name other two sets

Question # (02): (2 Marks)
What is meant by the Statement “Be a diplomat NOT a technologist” in the context of data warehousing development project? 

Question # (03): (2 Marks)
Is there any fixed strategy to standardize a column?

Question # (04): (2 Marks)
List down any two parallel Hardware Architectures?

Question # (05): (3 Marks)
Identify the given statement as correct or incorrect and justify your answer in either casw
“Bayesian Modeling is an example of unsupervised learning”

Question # (06): (3 Marks)
Name any three Data warehouse Development methodologies?

Question # (07): (3 Marks)
List down any three ways of “Handling missing data ” during “ Data cleansing process”

Question # (08): (3 Marks)
HTTP’s secure socket layer (SSL) is used to identify the session on the world wide web however the are some limitation of this technique, Briefly explain the two limitations? 

Question # (09): (5 Marks)
Briefly explain any two types of precedence constraints that we can use in DTS?

Question # (10): (5 Marks)
Briefly explain merge/purge problem while applying data cleansing in data warehousing field?

Question # (11): (5 Marks)
Give two reason, why Rapid Application Development (RAD) is more suitable for data warehousing development as compared to others traditional development methodologies?

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