CS609 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2016

CS609 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2016

Question # (01): (2 Marks)
Whats is the difference between primary and extended partition? 

Question # (02): (2 Marks)
when we talk about FAT32 what is the size of FSInfo block? 

Question # (03): (2 Marks)
How a NTFS volume can be accessed in DOS?

Question # (04): (2 Marks)
Identify and name the DMA Rigester;-
This Rigester can be used to mask the DMA channel,it contains a single bit for each channel,the corresponding bit is set to mask the request for that channel.

Question # (05): (3 Marks)
Write down the major enhancement in FAT32,comparing to FAT12 and FAT16.

Question # (06): (3 Marks)
In NTFS,where the backups of boot block are stored and why? 

Question # (07): (3 Marks)
Suppose a disk is divided into two partition and we have read MBR at LBA=0 to get information about primary partition a) How many bytes of code part we need to skip to get information about primary partition? b) How many bytes of code part we need to read information?

Question # (08): (3 Marks)
Write down the steps to test the presence of coprocessor? 

Question # (09): (5 Marks)
Write some advantages and disadvantages of FAT32?

Question # (10): (5 Marks)
Find the root directory sector where Reserved sector =1 Sector per FAT = 9 use appropriate assumption when needed?

Question # (11): (5 Marks)
MCB is 16bytes structure used for memory management in DOS, You required to write the details of this structure and briefly explain why and where we use case this structure

Mostly Mcqs was from Past …. Moaaz File and Arslan File
Subjective :

8 to 9 Qs was from past 

Difference between sector and track (2 marks)

One qs was from DMA request Register ( 2 marks )

File size is 12k and cluster size is 4 is Find the No of cluster? [2 marks]

Write three Data Structures for Memory DOS use? [ 3 marks]

Explain the bits 0,1,2 of 64 status port ? [ 3 marks]

Define Head, Sector, Tracks ? [ 3 marks]
Why it is not feasible to calculate FS info block information again and again FAT32 [ 5 marks]

Find the root directory sector. Where reserved sector = 1 and sector per FAT = 9. Use

appropriate assumption where needed? 5 Marks

How to recovered a Deleted Files? 5 Marks

A diagram was given from DMA .. explain step wise diagram ? [5 marks]

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