CS607 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS607 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

All Mcqs was from Past Papers … 2 or 3 was new but very easy and simple
Subjective: Totally from Current Papers: 

1. “Boolean logic is a subset of fuzzy logic.” Do you agree with the statement or not? Give reason to support your answer. [Marks 2]
2. Write the CLIPS command to remove the fact from working memory? [Marks 2]
3. “Goal is a predicate used to change states”. Do u agree with the statement. Justify your answer. [2 marks]
4. From learning which is best for the given statement
having seen many cats, all of which have tails,one might conclude that all cats have tails. [Marks 2]
5. Write Three Soft-Computing Algorithms? [Marks 3]
6. Write the Structure of deftemplate relation so that we can use the assert in given
CLIPS>(assert ( father ( fathersName Ahmed) (sonsName Belal) ) ) [Marks 3]
7. Which type of ordering in hypothesis spaces is best suited from h <?, ?> hypothesis and towards h <φ, φ> hypothesis (3 marks)
8. One table was given and had to calculate its final fuzzy logic outcome using AND operation
(3 marks)

9. Write Five parts of Fuzzy inference [5 marks]

10. man (ahmed)
Father (ahmed, belal)
Write down the commands to add the above facts into CLIPS. Also write the command to modify the name “ahmed” to “Ahmed Ali”. [5 marks]
11. In context of Machine Learning, do you agree with the following statement? Justify your answer with reasons.
"If the program gets something right once it will always get it right. If it makes a mistake once it will always make the same mistake every time it runs." [5 marks]
12. Genetic algorithm is inspired by the structure and or the functional aspects of biological neuron and it’s consist of an interconnected groups of anti neurons.
Is it true or false give reason. [5 marks]

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