CS606 Current FinalTerm Paper 29 August 2016

CS606 Current FinalTerm Paper 29 August 2016

Total question: 52
40 MCQs 60% from past exams

  • What is Co-discovery? (2 Marks)

  • What is Surface Plane in context of elements of user experience? (2 Marks)

  • Name the two walkthroughs that were originally developed for desktop systems but can be applied to web-based systems, handheld devices and products such as VCRs. (2 Marks)

  • Write any two different qualitative research techniques? (2 Marks)

  • Suppose you have designed a software. You choose the participant from group who are the indented users of this software product to test this product. What do you think these participants are the real users in context of usability testing? Briefly explain it. (3 Marks)

  • By breaking down skeleton plane into its component elements, how do all the pieces fit together to create this as a whole user experience? (3 Marks)

  • Whenever a product is designed, users of the product are one of the main focuses of the design & qualitative interviews. Being student of HCI, you have to differentiate between the general user & the potential user of the product? (3 Marks)

  • In any visual interface, designing icons that represent function performed is really a challenge for a designer? You are required to write down at least three guidelines for function oriented icons. (3 Marks)

  • Ali is a web designer, he wants to improve the navigation in a US based website "abc.com" that is an electronic commerce company. Ali discusses this issue with his colleague who suggests him to use “Signposts” to improve navigation in “abc.com”.  Justify with real world example that do really “signposts” help in navigation improvement. (5 Marks)

  • Ali is well known web designer. He believes that website design should be both usable and pleasing, delivers information and builds brand is technically sound and visually coherent. He provides good navigation and does good use of tabs. Write down at least four reasons why does he use Tab for good navigation? (5 Marks)

  • Suppose you are an interface designer, during designing and usability testing of an interface/application, you face error messages. How do you eliminate error messages by simply discarding the code that shows the actual error message dialog box and letting the program crash if a problem arise? Write at least two method to eliminate error messages. (5 Marks)

  • Suppose you are a product designer. You are required to write all steps which are used in process of constructing personas. (5 Marks)

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