CS605 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

CS605 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

MCQ's were easy and simple

& subjective is here
5 marks Question:

Q:Why “large class” and “Duplicated code” are considered as a “bad smells” in code. Give at least one reason for each.

Q: Whenever a chan
ge is required, the CCB decides whether to allow this change to happen or deny it. If it is decided that a change is needed, an Engineering Change Order or ECO is generated. What type of information is depicted by this ECO?

Note: try to provide precise, to the point answer, avoid unnecessary details.

Q:A telecom company is going to launch a new product in the market. You are asked to prepare a report on risk analysis before starting the project. As a risk analyst what kinds of risks you will mention in your report.
Q: For a certain application
MTTF = 48
MTTR = 4
Calculate the “availability” of the application.
3marks Questions:

Q: In reverse engineering, we move from lower abstraction level to higher abstraction level, do you agree or not? Give reason for your answer.

Q: “Software configuration management is a design activity”. Do you agree or not? Provide at least one reason to support your answer.

Q: Name two techniques that can be used to schedule the project once the task network is defined.

Q: Calculate the value of cost variance for a software project if the values of BCWP and ACWP are 10 and 8 respectively

2 marks Question:
Q: Discuss the term "Compartmentalization" in context of a realistic schedule

Q: "Message Chains can be a bad smell". How ?

Q: “Baselining a requirement affects its tractability” Do you agree or not?

Q: Give the uses (at least one) of Time Boxing technique?

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