CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

41. in which type of serial transmission start and stop bits are used? (2 marks)
ANS. Asynchronous 

42.write types of time division multiplexing ?with complete name. (2 marks)
Ans Asynchronous TDm and synchronous TDM

43.how nmany bits hamming code can correct at a time? (2 marks)

44. in which type of sliding window ARQ only the specific damaged or lost frame is retransmitted.(2 marks)

45.suppose Mr.Anwar wants to develop a computer network in his home using any guided media. You are required to give the name of any three guided media. (3 marks)
Ans.page 120

46.0.which type of HDLC frames are used to only to transport control information?
Ans. Supervisory frame

1. which type of HDLC frames are reserved for system management ? ( 3 marks)
Ans unnumbered frame

49.write the station and initiator of NRM and ARM (5 marks)
Station ? ?
Initiator ? ?

50.write down the merits and demerits of synchronous and Asynchronous (TDM) .which type is more effective ?justify your answer with strong reason( 5 marks) 

52.list down the functioning steps involved in a simpler 9 pin version of EIA 232. (5 marks)
Ans.page 104

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