CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

CS601 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

Q1.Write the name of suitable E-lines. Given voice channels in following table.
Line voice channels

Q2. Transmission of data over the physical layer involves a functional unit termed as DCE. Give detail at the role, a DCE plays in the transmission of data from source to destination.
Q.3. Name of Data link sub layers.
Q4. An example, where sliding window protocol is being used by sender and receiver , here the window can hold 7 frames on each side, you are required to give the number of frames that can be sent before an ACK is required from the receiver

Q5.. Which type of satellite move with the same speed as earth, so that they seem fixed with respect to earth.

Q6.... In which type of serial transmission start and stop bits are used.

Q7. Synchronous TDM and Asynchronous TDM, both are the types of TDM. Write down the merits/demerits of both and also state which type is better? Support your answer with solid reasons.

Q8... Enlist the names of any 5 data link Asynchronous protocol that are mainly engaged in modems.

Q9.. Which multiplexing technology is used to multiplex a number of optical carrier signal, onto a single optical fiber channel, name of the device which separate these signals at the receiver end.

Q 10. Match the following :
Lines Data rate
E1. 139.264
E2. 34.368
E3. 8.448
E4. 2.048

Q11... Abbreviations

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