CS508 Current FinalTerm Paper 27 August 2016

CS508 Current FinalTerm Paper 27 August 2016

Q:Explain the below mentioned rule.
Q:Grandparent (X, Z):- parent(X, Y), parent (Y, Z)

Q:What is the significance of using script tag in our HTML code?

Q:Why the learning curve of prolog is steep?

Q:Suppose you are writing a code in which you want allocation and de-allocation of variables is caused by assignment statements. Which type of variables they are and which language supports them?

Q:Why we have to use the keyword override in derived class with a virtual method of base class in C#? 

Q:Write a function in LISP to set weight and height property of symbol ‘a’,Where weight=5 and height=12.

Q:Write one advantage of COBOL record definition syntax approach.

Q:What is the role of monitor in JAVA thread?

Q:Consider the following code snippet in C# and find out the error. Give reason to justify your answer.
static void Main()
int* ptr;
void MyMethod()
int* id;

Q:How array is different from record? Justify your answer. 

Q:In a program, we need a two dimensional int type array, the array has 2 rows where first row has 5 columns and second row has 3 columns. Write down the code of declaring this array in Java.

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