CS507 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS507 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

 Mcqs were from past papers.

subjective paper is:
Q1. Consider the following Scenarios:
Employee works in a HR department 
Employee has an employee ID
An employee can have multiple degrees
You are required to draw ER diagram of above mentioned scenarios.
Q2.Documentation has very much importance, not only in the making of a new project but also in the understanding of an already developed project. You are required to briefly describe all types of documents which are prepared during procedure development for a project in system design phase. Also mention one example of the information that each document contains.
Q3. Suppose an organization wants to start the business through E-Commerce. Write the names of five available models of E-Commerce that can be implemented by this organization.
Q4. “Minal systems” is a software house, currently developing an information system for an insurance company. The system analyst has already completed the first phase of risk management for this information system. What will be the next phase of risk management process? Also write two possible inputs and one possible output of this phase
Q5. Write down at least three examples of Passive Attacks.
Q6. Write down the names of basic processes included in Cryptography.
Q7. Identify the type of energy variations do the following situations belong?
When there is sudden increase in power supply
When there is total loss of power or power failure
When there is sudden decrease in power supply
Q8. A programmer is going to draw a flowchart for making student’s marks sheet. Which symbol will be used in flowchart if the programmer wants to check whether student’s marks are greater than 60 or not?
The flowchart of a complex problem becomes too long that it cannot be drawn on one page. To solve this problem which flowchart symbol will be used?
Q9. "Enterprise Resource Planning software is used to integrate the Information Systems."
Is the given statement correct or incorrect? Rewrite the correct statement if it is incorrect.
Q10. Briefly explain the role of senior management and board of directors in Risk management Process. Identify at least two responsibilities.
Q11. Suppose a computer based information system of an organization has been destroyed by massive flood destruction in the country. You are required to mention, which type of threat occurred in this situation?
Q12."Spiral model is an iterative approach to system development". What does iterative mean in this statement?

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