CS506 Current FinalTerm Paper 27 August 2016

CS506 Current FinalTerm Paper 27 August 2016

Most of MCQS in Past Paper from Moazz file.
Subjective :

Q1: What does Response code 403 indicates?

Q2: When we use page centric approach?

Q3: Suppose you want to use FileReader and ResultSet Classes in JSP page .How you will import both classes into JSP page.

Q4. What is function of Start Method and when it Run(called)in java applet life cycle?

Q5. What are Data transfer objects? Explain with example.

Q6. If Multiple request from clients a server can handles how this network communication will be different from the one client-server communication. Explain?

Q7. Relate the following elements of JSP with the servlet.
(1) Script (2)JSP Expressions

Q8. Which Type of HTTPServletRequest object Method are used to read the HTML from data submitted by user?

Q9. Write a Method That draws a red rectangle and a blue circle of any size at random locations on the screen having Size 1000*800. 

Q10. Being a Java web developed,you are required to write the code of Web.XML file for a Servlet
Note:: Consider Servlet file name is Welcome

Q11. Write a code for an error Page that displays the following outout. The Same error page is displayed for null pointer expection or any known exception if it occurs.use HTML and JSP tags.
Required Output:-
You are on error page.
An............Exception has occurred.
Please ask the network administrator.
The Error message was "type of error....."
please try again later!
(1)in dotted lines specify the type of exception that occurred like "An SQL Exception has occurred"
(2)In type of error...........specify the error message you got while exception handling.

Q12:Complete the following code of custom tag that displays message "Welcome to Vurtual University ." Dotted line show incomplete code.
Body is "Empty"
Tag name is"Student"
TagHandler class is" Student Handler"

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