CS504 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS504 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

1. Keeping in mind the concept of “Architectural views”, list some of the components of “Code view” for Library management system.

2. Write down at least two guidelines that can avoid hazards caused by side effects.

3. Why Special characters like TAB and page break must be avoided? Explain

4. Code was given and asked which loop you will used instead of this.

5. Why exhaustive testing software is not possible on platform?

6. If E=8, N=6
Calculate cyclomatic complexity V(G) of graph.

7. In “4+1” view model, which view describes the functionality of the system in terms of its static structure and dynamic behavior.

8. Which design pattern provides a unified interface to a set of interfaces in sub-system.

9. List down 3 potential points in development cycle where there are greater chances of defects inclusion in to development.

10. List down participants of observer pattern

11. Write down three activities of architectural phase.

12. Mention two lines about why we write “comments”.

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