CS504 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

CS504 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

Current Final Term Subjective paper of CS504:

Suppose that you have been hired as a software engineer to work on a life support system which will be used in intensive care units of hospitals. 

What is the most important quality attribute the system should posses? Marks: 2

What should be done to avoid multiple inclusion of a header file in a program? Marks: 2

As a programmer what benefits you can get from modularity to increase the clarity of your program? Marks: 2

What is the formula to calculate the total no of paths in a loop containing a single branch statement? Marks: 2

Suppose you have a large and complex system. Complexity can be reduced by dividing into sub-systems and introducing a single interface to provide general capabilities. Which design pattern is suitable to achieve this solution? Marks: 3

What are the elements which must be part of any test case? Marks: 3

Classify the following UML diagram types as static or dynamic diagram. Marks: 3
1. Class diagram
2. Sequence diagram
3. Use case diagram

Give some of the example of software bugs in a program.. Marks: 3

Which of the following are correct with reference to the abbreviation rules of naming conventions?
We should always write: Marks: 5

Command instead of cmd
Copy instead of cp
Initialize instead of init
Html instead of HyperTextMarkupLanguage
Cpu instead of Central Processing Unit

List down any three data faults which must be specified while preparing inspection checklist? Marks: 5
Keeping in mind the concept of “Architectural views”, list some of the components of “Code view” for Library management system. Marks: 5

Write down at least two guidelines that can avoid hazards caused by side effects. Marks: 5

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