CS502 Current FinalTerm Paper 21 August 2016

CS502 Current FinalTerm Paper 21 August

MCQ 25 % past papers ca thy NP ka kafi mcq aye thy

Suppose you could prove that an NP-complete problem cannot be solved in polynomial time. What would be the consequence?5 mark

Breath fisrt search 5 mark
How can we use table genterted by dynamic programing algorithm total with the number then one
Optimal subsut for the khansnap problem instance? 5Mark
Ek statement thy true or false batna tha reason ka sath 3 mark
How Kruskal’s algorithm works? 3 mark

Activity selection 3 mark

what is free tree of 2 mark
If we solve khanshap algorithm with bruteforce what is the running time required? 3mark
What is the cost of the following

graph MST page 19 of moazz file 5 mark

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