CS411 Current FinalTerm Paper 31 August 2016

CS411 Current FinalTerm Paper 31 August 2016

52 total questions
40 mcqs mostly new
12 subjective:

  • When two or more independent Grids need to be synchronized, then how can we synchronize them? (2 Marks)

  • Can the operating system distinguish between windows with WPF content and windows with Win32 content? (2 Marks)

  • The “Wait” method of “Task” is equivalent to which method of a “Thread”. (2 Marks)

  • How can we destroy an object in Objective-C? (2 Marks)

  • Why "Grid" panel is the best choice for most complex layout scenarios? (3 Marks)

  • Name and explain the two categories of an application’s binary resources? (3 Marks)

  • Why we need concurrency in our applications? (3 Marks)

  • How can we create an object in Objective-C? Also provide the syntax. (3 Marks)

  • Consider the following codelines and explain what we are trying to achieve from them.
    • msbuild /t:updateuidProjectName.csproj
    • LocBaml /parse ProjectName.g.en-US.resources /out:en-US.csv(5 Marks)

  • Consider the following Code Skeleton: 
 public class Button : ButtonBase
// Task 1-- code to Add one routed event named “ClickMe”
static Button()
// Task 2-- code to Register the “ClickMe” event
protected override void OnMouseLeftButtonDown(MouseButtonEventArgs e)
// Task 3-- code to Raise the “ClickMe” event
Now perform the following tasks:
Write the code to Add one routed event named “ClickMe”
Write the code to Register the “ClickMe” event
Write the code to Raise the “ClickMe” event(5 Marks)

  • When web browser sends request to a web server then in which format the web server sends back the information to web browser? Give at least four examples. (5 Marks)

  • When “ManipulationDelta” event is raised in WPF touch events? Also write names of the properties “ManipulationDelta” event contains. (5 Marks)
Exam was a bit difficult….. Best of luck to y’all

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