CS411 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2016

CS411 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2016

As we know that there is no Fill value for "DockPanel" then how the remaining space is filled in the "DockPanel"?

Can the operating system distinguish between windows with WPF content and windows with Win32 content?

Separate the Server-side languages from Client-side Languages.

ASP .net, PHP, JavaScript, and ColdFusion.

In the Cocoa Touch framework, which technique has been adopted by Apple to manage memory?
List three (3) commands defined by “ICommand” interface. 

Which element must be added to the project file to specify a default culture for resources and automatically build an appropriate satellite assembly?

Ajax is the interaction of which type of technologies? Name them.

What will be the efficient way of applying the same style on all paragraphs in HTML page? Also provide an example.

When does a content overflow problem arise in built-in panels? Also explain how can we deal with it?
Consider the following codelines and explain what we are trying to achieve from them.
msbuild /t:updateuidProjectName.csproj
LocBaml /parse ProjectName.g.en-US.resources /out:en-US.csv

Ali wants to select and hide all the <p> tags from his html using JavaScript and JQuery. You are required to provide the syntax of both languages. 

When web browser sends request to a web server then in which format the web server sends back the information to web browser? Give at least four examples

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