CS408 Current FinalTerm Paper 20 August 2016

CS408 Final Term 20 August 2016


As a researcher, if you are assigned a task to handle the collection and Interpretation of data from fieldwork with the intention of building a software-based product, then write the name of technique that you will use in this case?

What is Co-discovery?

Suppose you are a project designer, what do you think that qualitative research can help in progress of design of projects or product design?

Fatima is an interface designer and use patterns in order to reduce design time.Which patterns she will applied at conceptual level and to solve information management problems?

Consider a scenario in which you assigned a task to conduct an interview .Your boss advice some professional golden rules for conducting pleasant and comfortable interview. Write at least three advices.

You have to design persona based design solutions in a company “ABC”. According to your experience which step in requirement definition serves as primary purpose of eliminating as much designer bias as possible before launching into scenarios, preparing the designers to take on the roles of the primary personas during the scenario process?

Being an interaction designer, you create design solution by following design process and principles in order to get optimal design solution. Identify which imperative characteristics design solution should have? Mention at least five of them.

 You visit different websites of all type of products, explain the "No sense of scale" and "No sense of location" in context of problems by using web experience

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